Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Three months in

Last week marked three months since my arrival in London. What have I achieved?

  • I have an awesome place to live (Norf London, innit)
  • I've discovered what real winter feels like (I think I like Cape Town's version better)
  • I've caught up on four seasons' worth of Made in Chelsea (and I will never be sorry!)
  • I've walked more in this time than in my entire life, and am developing buns of steel
  • I've turned into a crazy fast London walker
  • I've learned it takes two night buses and nearly two hours to get home from Brixton after the last tube
  • I've found that night buses are much more fun when you have company
  • I've decided that Primark is the devil but I can't stop myself going in
  • I've procured myself some regular freelance work for SheKnows UK, and
  • I've fallen in love with this freezing, dirty, crazywonderful city and I never want to leave.

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