Monday, March 18, 2013

London rites of passage


There are certain trials and tribulations everyone has to go through when they move to a new city. I am proud to say that I've experienced the following London rites of passage:

  • Encounter a crazy on public transport (moving here around Christmastime helped - the psychos were out in their droves)
  • Lose a pair of gloves (and an umbrella)
  • Navigate the long way home by night bus
  • Nearly die of cold walking home from the closest night bus stop
  • Get on a bus going in the wrong direction
  • Spend far too much time in Primark (yet miraculously leave with loads of purchases for very little money - I'm counting this as a win)
  • Get over Primark and recognise it for the terrifying child-labour-exploiting shopping megagiant that it is
  • See a real live fox (I have still only seen one from afar but my sister confirms this still makes me a real Londoner)
  • Move house without a car
  • Out of desperation to make friends, say yes to anything and go to a party where you know no one
  • Take public transport while in costume for a fancy dress party
  • Stop converting the price of everything back to rands (a thoroughly depressing exercise)
Lived in London? What rites of passage have I yet to endure?

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