Thursday, June 12, 2014

25 of London's little pleasures that are totally underrated

Feeling inspired by this Pinterest post (probably one of my most repinned ever), I decided to compile a list of the little things that make life better in London. These are things you don't often stop to appreciate, but practising gratitude for the little things makes us all happier people (I think so anyway!). Some of these are UK things and not London-specific, I know, but they all add to my happy London experience.

Image: banksy: balloon girl by Stew Dean on Flickr

Friends at home, very few of these will sound like sufficient motivation to move to London - this one's for the folks who don't need a list of reasons because they already live here :)

  1. When your bus arrives just as you reach the bus stop
  2. When you're running desperately to catch a bus and the driver stops to let you on
  3. When you sneeze on the bus/tube and a stranger says "Bless you"
  4. Going to buy a coffee and realising you have a complete loyalty card
  5. When you're finally able to place accents correctly
  6. When someone correctly guesses your accent
  7. When you overhear strangers speaking in South African accents (even better if it's in Afrikaans!)
  8. Half-price Ben&Jerry's (this is happening at Sainsbury's right now! Go!)
  9. Paying for your groceries and getting a voucher because it would have been cheaper at another supermarket (I still can't believe this is actually a thing)
  10. Withdrawing cash for FREE at any bank's ATM
  11. Being on the exact right tube carriage for your exit
  12. An empty tube carriage
  13. Having the exact right amount of credit on your Oyster card for your journey
  14. Being invited to something that is in walking distance of your house
  15. No one being Designated Dave ever
  16. Actually making it onto the last tube home
  17. Having such a good time that you don't care about making the last tube home
  18. The fact that £1 is small change but also capable of buying so much
  19. Finally reaching home after a bad public transport day, shedding your various burdens, taking off your shoes, going to the loo, and then having a cup of tea (glass of wine, more likely)
  20. Discovering that a clothing item you've been coveting in a high street store but which is sold out of your size is available on ASOS and on sale
  21. All the online shopping, all the time
  22. Paying a maximum of £8.05 for prescription medication
  23. Getting your free Stylist every Wednesday (or Shortlist every Thursday, whatever floats your boat)
  24. When all the pubs start serving jugs of Pimms (and you can tell yourself it makes much better economic sense to buy a jug than a glass)
  25. Spotting things of beauty in amongst the chaos and grit - like an original Banksy :) (Note: The balloon girl graffiti near Old Street pictured here has sadly been painted over, but there is still loads of creative and inspiring street art to be found in east London.)
What are the little things you love or that make life better for you in London?

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