Friday, April 26, 2013

Let's talk about food.

Or, to be more specific, let's talk about talking about food.

The peppered mushroom burger at The Dog's Bollocks back in Cape Town.
I want to go to there!

How often do you do it? Every day? Multiple times per day? Is that normal? Because I'm starting to worry.

A typical mealtime with my family (Cape Town or London contingents) goes something along these lines:

Me: This is really good.
Sister: I know, right?
Me: It reminds of the kind of food they serve at Leon.
Other sister: Leon is amazing. We should go back there.
Sister: Do you remember that dinner we had at Powder Keg Diplomacy?
Me: I still look at our photos of that meal when I'm hungry.
Other sister: Well we've got that dinner at Asia de Cuba coming up soon.
Sister: Thank god, something to look forward to.
Me: Know where we haven't been in a while? Byron.
Other sister: Byron! Let's go this weekend. I love their courgette fries!
Sister: I'm also doing a roast this weekend. It's been too long.

We talk about what we're eating at that moment, meals we've had in  the past and meals we've yet to have. This can't be healthy. But if talking about food so much is wrong, I don't want to be right. 

P.S. I don't just talk about food, I pin about food. A lot. Check it out.

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