Monday, April 22, 2013

Comforting things

Moving away from your hometown is scary, and it's even more of a leap when it's a new country too. There are a few things about London that help to make me feel more at home:
  • Any club that plays commercial music will put on "Mr Brightside" around 2am
  • Using the local colloquial greeting instantly makes you feel a part of a community (here it's "y'alright?")
  • Watching local TV (I have a particular soft spot for Made in Chelsea) and being able to discuss it (at embarrassing length) with other locals helps too
  • Tourists keep stopping me for directions and public transport advice - and I can help them! Yes!
  • McDonalds smells the same no matter where you visit it
  • Even in a big city, it's possible to feel like a local if you frequent the establishments in your area - Pappagone and The Haberdashery are my favourites

Italian hot chocolate at "The Hab"

  • And home is wherever your family is - as desperately as I miss my mum and sister, I'm so, so grateful to have two sisters and one adopted brother here :)

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