Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Friday: Wit and wisdom from the Gilmore Girls

A few months ago I discovered that Gilmore Girls, one of my favourite TV shows as a teen, is screened every weekday on 5*. Awwwright. Hence began the rewatching and rekindling of a love for this series and its fast-paced, frenetic dialogue (apparently the scripts were twice as long as the average show) and flurry of pop culture references.

I've picked some of my favourite lines and quotes for your enjoyment:

1. Gilmore Girls on shopping:



2. On talking to someone you like:


3. On picking shoes for a date:



4. On succeeding in life:



5. On food and staying healthy:



6. On coffee:


7. On Lorelai's mother:



8. On getting out of something you don't want to do:




9. On Saturdays:



10. On cake:



11. On how to be remembered:


You're welcome.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday: Babies laughing at things

It's Friday! Bank holiday weekend! All the fist pumps!

To celebrate, I give you this compilation of YouTube babies laughing at things. I dare you not to laugh. Or cry. I did both.

And lastly, I give you the baby who really, really, really loves Florence and the Machine:

Happy Friday everyone! (Except you, Virgin Media, who made me go without broadband or Tivo for nearly 24 hours. No cookie for you!)

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Somewhere to eat: Season

With 1x sister back from holiday, last week we went out for my family birthday dinner.

Despite having lived in the area for a number of years (some more than others), none of us had tried Season Kitchen & Dining Room on Stroud Green Road, so I picked it as my birthday dinner venue for its great value Early Bird deal: £15 for any main and a glass of wine/beer/soft drink.

Season's menu changes monthly due to the use of only seasonal, preferably locally sourced ingredients (they keep chickens and grow some of their own veggies in a garden behind the restaurant!).

Image borrowed from here.

First impressions: the interior is cosy, rustic and quirky without trying too hard, and although our reserved table wasn't quite ready when we arrived, we were quickly mollified with some glasses of bubbly on the house.

More bonuses: Free olives and bread for the table as appetisers. I'm not a huge fan of olives but the homemade bread (a kind of wholewheat soda bread) was outstanding, and I loved that they gave us the recipe to take home.

The mains: I don't eat a lot of steak, but I'll often order it for a special occasion. I opted for Season's rib eye with Bearnaise sauce and watercress, with a side of crinkle cut chips. The steak was juicy and well seasoned (barely even needed the sauce to go with it!) and the chunky chips were so fat, crispy and yet soft on the inside that my sister declared she'd come back just to sit on the waiting bench outside with a bowl of them.

Lewis about to get carnivorous 

My sisters ordered the fish dishes, wild sea trout and mackerel respectively, and both were beautifully and creatively put together and presented.

Lisa, elegant with her mackerel

The desserts: Three out of four of us opted for this baby:

Rosemary chocolate pot with sea salt and a black pepper biscotti. It sounds odd, but it was delicious and really different. Highly recommended! Lisa went for the nougat glacé, which was also really good.

The verdict? A little more expensive than our usual Stroud Green Road hangout (Pizzeria Pappagone) but in a different league food-wise - beautifully presented, delicious dishes with a bit of carbon footprint consciousness (I approve!). This will definitely be my 'go to' local for special occasions.

Season Kitchen & Dining Room, 53 Stroud Green Road, Finsbury Park, London, N4 3EF,

Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This Monday I celebrated my first birthday in the northern hemisphere, first away from home, away from my mum and sister in Cape Town, and my first of what one of my Facebook friends dubbed "the shadowlands of your 20s".

Twenty-seven. 27. It's not mid-20s anymore, is it? It sounds a heck of a lot older than it feels. When I was in my early 20s, I thought I'd have my shit together by 27. Now that I'm here (and I definitely don't), I'm not sure I even want to have my shit together just yet. I'm having too much fun.

Anyway, enough reflection! This is how the big day went down:

Up at 6am to go to my current employment (which starts at 7:30am, eep!) - cards from home in bed while I eat breakfast. Tears are shed.

A red velvet Hummingbird cupcake and card from my temp colleagues - bless them. So touched. 

As we were waiting for one of my sisters to return from holiday to do the fancy restaurant birthday dinner, my other sister kindly offered to make supper of my choosing at home on the night itself. Of course I went for my favourite British pub dinner - the fish finger sandwich. Homemade tartar sauce and all!

Then the main event! Homemade chocolate Guinness cake.

Awwwright. Right before being in and around my mouth. It was good.

First birthday with this sister since 2009. Too much joy! We finished off the evening with an episode of The X-Files. BEST!

More celebrations are to come, with sister #2 returned from Japan, a dinner at Season on Thursday, non-related burger outing on Friday (yes, I'm still burger touring around London, update to come soon!) and birthday brunch with my London crew on Saturday.

Life - pretty good right now. Happy. 

P.S. If you noticed that most of my birthday excitement revolves around food, this should explain a lot

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