Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Writing, lately

I've been quiet on here of late because I've been busy scribbling away in a few other places! If anyone is interested, you can check out what I've been working on...

The UK version of American women's lifestyle website was on hiatus from the middle of 2013 until January of this year - I've contributed a few new articles which you can read over here.

I'm especially proud of How to raise confident daughters, as it's a topic that's important to me. I wrote it with the helpful input of Lynn, my editor over at Jump! Mag (where I'm volunteer Social Media Manager), and Jo of the Let Toys Be Toys campaign, which is doing some really important work.

Jump! Mag

Jump! Mag is an online magazine for kids, for which I've had the pleasure of managing social media since October 2013. I've also written a few articles for Jump:

Buzzfeed Community

In a media climate where the "listicle" is the most popular and demanded form of journalism, I decided to give BuzzFeed Community a go. Anyone can create an account and post BF-style lists and posts, and occasionally you might lucky and have your post featured over on the site itself. I've published listicle-type posts before (this was one this blog's most popular posts ever), but here's my first BuzzFeed post:

On the blog I've got some more burger reviews coming up, so keep an eye out for those!

photo credit: akaitori via photopin cc


  1. Just come across your blog! I'm also a South African recently migrated to London! Whereabouts are you based at the moment? I love your Valentine card list!

    1. Che from indieberries! I am so honoured :) I live in North London - I know, far from all the other South Africans, I like to break the mould :D Where are you? If you ever want to go on a blind friend date, just say the word ;)


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