Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Burger Tour: Bukowski Grill

Many of you already know that I've been making it my mission to try the best burgers in London, and I'm pleased to report that I'm making good progress. My group of fellow burger enthusiasts and I have sampled the offerings of Shake Shack, Burgers & Cocktails, MEATLiquor, and most recently, Bukowski Grill (Shoreditch).

As much as I cringe when I see people whipping out their iPhones to capture their meal before eating, I love looking at pictures of food, and a number of friends and followers have expressed interest in reading reviews of my burger experiences on this blog. So here is the first, with more (so many more - this tour is going to take years) to follow.

Bukowski Grill burger review

We ended up at Bukowski on a perfect late summer evening by pure luck - our original plan to try out Dirty Burger in Kentish Town was revised due to a number of Bi-weekly Burgers members needing to be in Shoreditch that evening. 

The setup

We arrived at Boxpark in dribs and drabs around 7pm and slowly managed to claim a large section of one of the communal tables on the fairy-lit terrace. Ordering must be done at the counter, but your food will be brought to you when it's ready. It is not recommended to order before finding yourself a spot!

The food

About to tuck in! Blurry picture courtesy of Jacky :)

I'm more a fan of gourmet burgers than dirty burgers (more juice, less grease), and Bukowski is a pretty good compromise between the two. I opted for The Purist, which is a strong contender for my favourite burger in London so far. Consisting of a Hereford beef patty, tomato, lettuce and homemade mayo on a shiny brioche bun, this burger was well juicy and definitely one I will order again. Nice, chunky beef and a soft roll that stood up well to the ooze - no soggy bottom. The patty was a little underdone for my taste, but that's a personal preference and I'd just request a more medium grill next time. Underdoneness aside, this is still the best thing I've put in my face in ages. 

The fat triple-cooked chips (fried in beef dripping, no less) were a total revelation and the perfect accompaniment to mop up the juice. I also love that any burger and chips includes free tubs of Bukowski's condiments - more of that delicious mayo and homemade ketchup. 

If you want a more gourmet experience, the Purist topped with melted brie was very well received by another BB member, and we all had a little sample of the Scotch Bonnet chilli relish, which had enough kick without veering into taste bud-numbing territory. 

The damage

For the quality of food, I was really impressed with the pricing - my burger, small chips and a half-pint of Meantime London Lager came to just £10.80. I couldn't finish any of it! 

The verdict

Bukowski is great. I would definitely go back (best to get in before winter sets in, although they do have bar heaters above the tables when it's chilly!), but I'm also keen to try out the Brixton venue, which serves hard shakes too - yes please!

Bukowski Grill, BOXPARK Unit 61, 4-6 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6GYhttp://www.bukowski-grill.co.uk/


  1. Sounds awesome, I'll definitely keep note for next time I take boy up to London :)

    hannah bee

  2. Sounds brilliant! I'd definitely recommend The Diner in Camden, they have excellent shakes and the burgers are fantastic... very American!


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