Friday, August 30, 2013

Happy Friday: Wit and wisdom from the Gilmore Girls

A few months ago I discovered that Gilmore Girls, one of my favourite TV shows as a teen, is screened every weekday on 5*. Awwwright. Hence began the rewatching and rekindling of a love for this series and its fast-paced, frenetic dialogue (apparently the scripts were twice as long as the average show) and flurry of pop culture references.

I've picked some of my favourite lines and quotes for your enjoyment:

1. Gilmore Girls on shopping:



2. On talking to someone you like:


3. On picking shoes for a date:



4. On succeeding in life:



5. On food and staying healthy:



6. On coffee:


7. On Lorelai's mother:



8. On getting out of something you don't want to do:




9. On Saturdays:



10. On cake:



11. On how to be remembered:


You're welcome.

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