Wednesday, August 14, 2013


This Monday I celebrated my first birthday in the northern hemisphere, first away from home, away from my mum and sister in Cape Town, and my first of what one of my Facebook friends dubbed "the shadowlands of your 20s".

Twenty-seven. 27. It's not mid-20s anymore, is it? It sounds a heck of a lot older than it feels. When I was in my early 20s, I thought I'd have my shit together by 27. Now that I'm here (and I definitely don't), I'm not sure I even want to have my shit together just yet. I'm having too much fun.

Anyway, enough reflection! This is how the big day went down:

Up at 6am to go to my current employment (which starts at 7:30am, eep!) - cards from home in bed while I eat breakfast. Tears are shed.

A red velvet Hummingbird cupcake and card from my temp colleagues - bless them. So touched. 

As we were waiting for one of my sisters to return from holiday to do the fancy restaurant birthday dinner, my other sister kindly offered to make supper of my choosing at home on the night itself. Of course I went for my favourite British pub dinner - the fish finger sandwich. Homemade tartar sauce and all!

Then the main event! Homemade chocolate Guinness cake.

Awwwright. Right before being in and around my mouth. It was good.

First birthday with this sister since 2009. Too much joy! We finished off the evening with an episode of The X-Files. BEST!

More celebrations are to come, with sister #2 returned from Japan, a dinner at Season on Thursday, non-related burger outing on Friday (yes, I'm still burger touring around London, update to come soon!) and birthday brunch with my London crew on Saturday.

Life - pretty good right now. Happy. 

P.S. If you noticed that most of my birthday excitement revolves around food, this should explain a lot

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